Born Brazil and living in New York for over 23 years. His dream started more than 40 years ago, when he saw a camera for the first time. . the dream becomes  reality just over 19 years ago, when he had the chance to buy more up-to-date equipment. From then on, everything became a reality and he started his work with photography and productions, and then “Bulleya Photography” was born. 
Denny is a member of the APA (American Press Association), IAPP (International Press Photography Association) ABI INTER (Brazilian International Press Association) and representative of ASI-FENAI (Brazil). International correspondent for more than 20 different print and digital media in Brazil. TV correspondent for 2 TV networks. Columnist for one of the most important newspapers in the United States, Jornal Brazilian Times, a newspaper made for the Brazilian community. Covers high-level events such as NYC Fashion Week, UN conferences, Oscar, Grammy and Emmy Awards. He even had the privilege of working with a Queen.

Denny is winner of the following awards


2013 : Premios Gruperos (Mexico) Reporter of the  year

2013 : Appreciation Awards (NY)  Best Photographer

2014 : Notables Brazilian Award ( NY) photographer (outstanding community service Award)

2015 : Premio de la Prensa (Dominican Republic) Featured Photographer

2016 : Premios de la Prensa ( Dominican Rep /NY) Featured Photographer

2016: Premios de la Prensa  ( Dominican Rep /NY) Magazine of the year ( LIFE & Fashion Magazine)

2016: Universal Awards  (Ecuador/Connecticut)   Photojournalist of the years

2017: Brazilian Notables (NY)  Producer /outstanding community service Award

2018: Honor to the Merit  (New York State Assembly)  Recognition of the Archive

2019 : Gutemberg Diploma (Brazil) South Mineira Press Association

2019: Certificate of Notability (NY)  Brazilian Community Heritage Foundation

2019 : Juan Valdez La Revista Award (Guatemala/Connectcut) Photographer of the year

2019 : International Entrepreneur Award ( EXPOBR) Entrepreneur 

2019 : Portuguese Brazilian Award (NY) Journalist of the Year

2021 : The Best Of Brasil USA (Best Media)


 Denny Silva