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Yohanna Laish is renowned for her work and is currently much in demand at elite parties in Europe, especially in Milan in Italy, Ibiza in Spain and Switzerland in several places. As a patriot, he always made sure that everyone knew he was Brazilian and showed that in Brazil, in addition to the samba culture, electronic music is also highly appreciated. In 2020 he participated and won as the best Brazilian DJ in Europe “The Best of Brazil Awards 2020” event organized by Rafael dos Santos - GuidedPR, very valuable award for his  career, making room for Brazilians to be recognized in Europe.

YOHANNA LAISH Brazilian born in São Paulo, descendant of Swiss, Italians  and Austrians, daughter of a singer and songwriter, inherited a passion for music from her mother, studied guitar and sax from a young age, her interest in electronic music emerged in the 90s, when her mother opened a disco in Zurich, Switzerland, contemplating the booth from the DJ, but he was still very young, he always worked as a model in Brazil and Europe. 
In the 90s in São Paulo, he worked at the concert hall inaugurated by Christopher Lambert “GITANA” dancing with great names in music, such as Glória Gaynor.
He performed at events for the brands Jack Daniel's, J&B, Johnny Walker, Clinic, Marlboro, launching the song “Puro Extase” by the band Barão Vermelho, special participation in the H program by Luciano Huck on TV Band. 
In 2000 she started an international career, working as a model and doing several fashion shows. He enrolled at the DJ school in Delémont, Switzerland and soon after perfecting himself in mixing techniques and electronic music production in Milan, Italy. 

On October 29, 2021, starting at 5 pm, Yohanna Laish will be in London animating with her music at the cocktail party, "Best of Brazil Summit" Business Fair, Lectures, Workshops & Exhibition of Brazilian Culture.


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